Below is some information about how your package will arrive!

Don't read if you prefer a surprise!

Your order will come to you in an envelope or box depending on the size and contents of your order. It is discrete packaging that has no mentions of the contents or their themes. Each package does, however, have a cute little drawing on it with your name included like the ones pictured, so it feels like a personalized gift from me to you!

I use the name on the order by default, but if you'd like a different name written on the package for any reason at all, just leave me a note at checkout and I'm happy to accommodate :)

Your order will also include a thank you note from me, a free sticker, and a business card! All of these cards are printed on recycled paper as an effort to cut down on waste. I also try to keep extra plastic waste low by using plastic baggies sparingly, only on items that come in packs, so you will notice that individual items will not come in any extra packaging. Lighters do come in a baggie for safety reasons, but it is reusable and smell-proof so you can use it again!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me!